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TacBuddy Uses

TacBuddy can be used to carry essentials for emergency-preparedness, survival and adventuring. TacBuddy can be used by Law Enforcement Officers, EMTs, Families, Hikers, Hunters and security staff for churches, schools and events. TacBuddy is an ALL-OCCASION solution for trauma response. In the event of an emergency, TacBuddy will stay with you at all times. Without a TacBuddy, you are living dangerously

Value Added Benefits:

1. Speed.

TacBuddy offers the fastest way to treat the wounded. TacBuddy is on your ankle where you need it, when you need it. You won't have to run back to the vehicle to grab your first aid kit. A gunshot wound to an artery on an adult can result in death in a short time.

2. Convenience.

TacBuddy is comfortable, convenient and all-occasion. TacBuddy relocates duty items for LEOs from the waistline or chest area to the ankle(s). It used to be that we didn't expect active shooters to show up at classy events, recreational events or any events. Those days sadly are gone.

Special Operator types like SWAT or military special operations can wear it on the outside of the pant leg for easier access. When they transition to an off duty status, they can wear it under their civilian pants. TacBuddy is a perfect fit for federal agents including FBI, Secret Service, DEA, ATF and all 1811s. TacBuddy is discrete, because it is out of sight and can conveniently double or triple your EDC.

3. Versatility.

TacBuddy is designed to carry magazines and emergency medical items. Any combination of those items is the individuals' choice. TacBuddy can be loaded up with all medical items for those who don't carry a firearm. Hikers, hunters, outdoor adventure types, campers, school teachers, motorcyclists, spouses and more can have what they need conveniently available if necessary. They will not have to look through their backpack for a tourniquet, combat gauze or chest seal. An extra magazine can be made easily accessible. 30 Round AR magazines, folding knives, and EpiPens also fit comfortably. Also, TacBuddy is extremely discreet and a perfect fit for the church security staff or others who wish to appear non-threatening. 

4. Durability.

TacBuddy is made of rugged, heavy-duty commercial grade materials. There is a very generous portion of Velcro which is adjustable for any-sized ankles. TacBuddy fits conveniently under the pant leg of all regular cut jeans, duty pants, business / casual attire pants.

5. Revolutionary. 

TacBuddy is an Individiual First-Aid Kit (IFAK), a magazine pouch or a combination of both. There are no true substitutes to TacBuddy. TacBuddy is a first in all-occasion tactical medical accessories. TacBuddy is totally concealable and discreet. 

TacBuddy is a registered small business, Veteran-LEO-Medic tested and owned and made in America.


What Should You Carry in TacBuddy?

  • Medical Items

  • Flashlights

  • Survival Gear

  • Firearm Support (Extra mags)

  • Folded Knives

  • Personalize for Your Needs

Wearing standard men's pants, you will find it is simple and quick to conceal TacBuddy under your pant leg. Accessing TacBuddy is just as easy.

Wearing a TacBuddy on each ankle can give you plenty of space to carry what you need for yourself, your squad, your family or your group.


Common Questions

TacBuddy FAQ


How Many Pockets Does TacBuddy Have?

TacBuddy has 5 pockets and can fit up to an AR-15 Mag. It also has a clear slip on the front to use for identification or other important documents. That's a lot of support! Two TacBuddy's will provide ten pockets of support items.

Can I Carry a Firearm in TacBuddy?

TacBuddy is not meant to carry firearms, however TacBuddy is a great way to carry extra magazines without added bulk around your waist. TacBuddy can also easily carry folded knives for backup use.

Will TacBuddy stay on?

TacBuddy has a generous quantity of commercial heavy-duty grade Velcro that secures tightly to varying sized ankles. 
Due to TacBuddy's patented design, items remain inside under rigorous activities. Users will immediately find the sweet spot for both comfort and tightness with footwear from tall duty boots to low cut footwear. TacBuddy also has two inches of extra Velcro to accommodate any size leg.

I have other kits,
why do I need this one?

TacBuddy is more than a first-aid kit. With TacBuddy, you have what you need when you need it. First aid kits are usually in the trunk of the car that is parked wherever. You don't have to dig through a backpack or large first aid kit in hopes of quickly finding that tourniquet or emergency trauma dressing. Additionally, your hands and arms remain free to respond as required. Your magazines and medical items go where you go. You never have to worry about EMT response times when seconds matter. Did you notice how long it took for EMS to get into the hot zone in the tragic Las Vegas active shooter incident? Lives could have been saved if the items needed for survival arrived in time. TacBuddy offers users the option to combine the right mix of extra magazines and necessary medical items in a concealable, portable, comfortable all-occasion kit. Owners who switch from duty mode to off duty mode can quickly change items from duty necessities to family necessities. Outfitting TacBuddy with spouses, groups, or tactical units can double, triple or more your EDC protection.

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