Tacbuddy's Story

Why TacBuddy Was Created

Pete, founder & CEO of TacBuddy, created TacBuddy as a result of his military and law enforcement career. He noticed too often that conceal carry individuals didn't carry enough magazines (often times just one). They also didn't have a plan to respond to emergency medical trauma to themselves or their partners/team. Carrying extra magazines and emergency medical items for  protection has always been challenging. First responders are challenged by weather, clothing, scenario, method of movement, and overall bulk. Undercover LEOs are especially challenged. TacBuddy removes the challenge and provides no hassle comfortable insurance.

"Nobody can predict the next active shooter or disaster, be ready to save a life." - Pete


What is TacBuddy for?

TacBuddy should be on your ankle concealed under your pant leg and loaded to capacity with a choice of medical or firearms support items. Tacbuddy offers everything you might need to survive a violent encounter. It can serve as a medical trauma kit/magazine pouch combination. TacBuddy is designed to hold magazines, tourniquets, emergency trauma dressing, chest seals, gauze and other customized materials.


What Can You Carry with TacBuddy?

TacBuddy is worn around your ankle. It contains five pockets for users to place whatever they believe they need for medical and/or tactical readiness.

Pete carries:

  • 1 Glock magazine

  • Tourniquet

  • Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)

  • Chest Seal

  • Pocket Knife

Your TacBuddy should be customized to have important items readily available to you in the case of an emergency or disaster. TacBuddy can be a lifesaver.


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