TacBuddy ™ for Law Enforcement & Military

LEOs and military personnel will find that TacBuddy works in daily concealed carry as part of your uniform (worn outside the pant leg).

LEOs that work in plain clothing are often challenged by the environment which they conduct operations. TacBuddy is an all occasion companion. It acts as an all-weather no hassle holster for the items necessary to support your safety.

TacBuddy has five pockets to load up with accessories for your firearm or emergency medical needs. Medics are often not present during operations. TacBuddy enables individuals to carry what is needed for survival. 

The advantage to individuals is that you have what you need when and where you need it. There is no faster way to get the necessary medical items to the patient. There isn't be a more comfortable way to carry extra magazines.

Relocating the bulk of magazines and  / or medical items from your waistline or chest area to the ankle will be a welcome option for many. Your legs can handle extra weight all day and you won't notice it. For single stack operators, you will find placing two loaded magazines in one TacBuddy pocket works well. That gives law enforcement officers or military personnel four additional pockets to fill with what they need for the operation. LEOs may consider the all black model with their department patch sewn on. 


TacBuddy ™

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