Meet TacBuddy's Creator


US Army Veteran and Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Pete created the TacBuddy  as a result of needs during his career. He noticed that, too often, concealed carry permit holders didn't carry enough magazines (usually, just one) and didn't have a plan to respond to an emergency medical trauma, possibly their own!

Pete used all Maryland-local vendors to create a valuable product that can be used by a wide array of people including off-duty law enforcement officers, military personnel, first responders, hikers, competitive shooters and family's that want to be prepared for emergencies.

Field-tested by Pete himself, the TacBuddy is a durable, comfortable all-occasion option for preparedness. The TacBuddy can be worn concealed in most boot-cut pants and even in a tuxedo. Pete has tested TacBuddy daily in all routines, work, competitions, and occasions with no issues.

Pete is an avid competitor in IDPA, 3 Gun, and NRA High Power competitions at various venues. Pete is an IDPA Match Director at Thurmont Conservation and Sportsmans Club and is also the Vice President of the Maryland Rifle Club.

When not preparing for the next firearms competition, Pete can be found on the farm with his wife tending to the horses, hens, honey bees, canines, felines and all things small farm. When all that is done, he finds time for his Dillon progressive to reload the next greatest 9mm, 223, and 308 loads.


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